Event Consulting

Event Consulting

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No matter if you need to plan a little sweet one Camera-Show or a Multi-Broadcast Event: Let us do the strategic work, so you are able to focus on the creative part. Collaborating with industry leaders since 2011, nomadmarketing offers you a full selection of experience. No matter if you want to create your own television series, live-show, international rock concert or an intimate living-room concert session: We got your back.

Found Equipment?


Holding an event is like embarking on an adventure, the unexpected often happens. Having collaborated with industry leaders, our expertise and knowledge contribute to a smooth and successful experience. The show must go on!


Weeks before the Event, every Department plans their own “little” Event. To put everything together, we’ll take over the Back-Office, streamlining every Timeline and making sure the output will be nothing but awesome.


Making sure, everybody got their Slice of Pizza on time? And more. As a Production Manager, we’ll make sure everything surrounding the Set will be ready when the Production Crew needs it to be.
And of course: Catering will be there on time. Promised.


Essentially we’ll make sure that the whole shooting crew is able to do their job safely, considerately and efficiently as possible. And sometimes we’ll be annoying as fuck – but that’s the point.


Push your boundaries – We’ll support you with your craziest thoughts – no matter if you want an LED Wall set-up in 6 hours or an Daylight-Production at Night. With global Partners and People who are as crazy as you, the outcome will be nothing but enlightning.


Refresh your On-Set language. The most important Words of the Day: Call Time, Catering and Taillights_


No doggo involved, just an overbooked Hotel: Most times, your Crew needs more rooms than a regular Hotel is able to offer. So: You’re being walked to another Hotel.


While the Back of House is usually a little messy and unorganized, the Front of House should look clean as f*, as the “FOH” gets set-up in Front of the Stage, contrary to the back of the Stage.


Sometimes also called “White and Red Crosses”.
When an Event takes places with visitors, the Emergency and Medicals need to be in place. Most of the Time RED (Fire) are Cases placed next to the Stage in a Red Case, while White (EMS) are usually trained Staff next to the Stage in uniformed Wear.


Usually, a Crew doesn’t meet before the Production itself starts.
To keep the Company’s and Rental’s Inventory on Track, the Best Boy is your brain for everything. On larger Productions, Best Boy Light/Sound/Rental/Company share this Task.

HMI_ + -

Hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide, or HMI, is the trademark name of Osram’s brand of metal-halide gas discharge medium arc-length lamp, made specifically for film and entertainment applications. Hydrargyrum comes from the Latin name for the element mercury. The light temperature is daylight. Usually, LED Beams are set to 6000K to meet the HMI’s temperature.


Before every take or start of the Live Production, a Set will be set into “Lock-Down”. This means, that no-one is allowed to enter or leave the Set (on larger Productions, the Camp is exempted) due to audio- and light-shadow-precautions. The Unit Manager will Set this Zone “Quiet, please”, “Silence on Set” and will lift it “Thanks”, “Done”.


When you’re part of a Stage crew, basic black clothing is the common, required uniform. This allows a crew person to disappear into the darkness of backstage or be less obvious on a set. This specific style of dress can mean a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants (no jeans) and black shoes (tennis shoes or boots, no sandals).
On a Film Production Crew, this is only required on some occasions, therefore your Call-Sheet for the next Day will be marked with “show black”.


On larger production there can be a variety of different types of wranglers – vehicle wranglers, animal wranglers, child wranglers – it just depends on what the script calls for. In general, a wrangler is someone who’s responsible for people or things that can’t be responsible for themselves, such as wild animals, small children, and inanimate (but sometimes expensive) objects.


What the camera operator says when they begin recording on the camera. This comes from film since it actually rolls through the camera.

MOS_ + -

“Mit Out Sound,” translates to “without sound.” – The take doesn’t need sound – and the Sound Crew can opt-out for a sec.


When the director says cut, all recording stops, and the take is over. When the director says “reset,” the actors reset to the beginning of the take but recording resumes.

SOFT 5_ // HARD 5_ + -

A 5 indicates a small break on set. A hard 5 means that it’s exactly 5 minutes (sometimes under), and a soft 5 means that it’s a bit more vague.


When you need to slate directly in front of someones face, this calling reminds you to slate gentle, so the actor doesn’t get irritated.

FLAG IT_ + -

When someone realizes that there was something wrong with the most recent take and you need to go back to correct it.

HOT SET_ + -

A set that is perfectly set up with all of the props, cameras, and lighting in the correct places. Try to think of it as a cordoned-off crime scene — don’t touch a thing.


Don’t move! Another take is about to happen.


So you know when you see extras pretending to talk to one another in the background of a scene? Well, dear friends, that is what we call ‘rhubarb.’ Supposedly, this was the word many directors had their extras utter over and over again as they floated around in front of the camera back in the day. Sounds silly, right? And it is — as evidenced by this French and Saunders spoof.


This handy little document pretty much spells the Who, What, Where for each day of shooting. Who (as in which actors) will be needed, what scenes are being filmed, and where they’re being filmed.


The final shot of the day.


After the “Martini Shot” is completed, the Set-Crew checks if a Scene is missing. If not, “Tail-lights” means to pack your stuff, wrap everything up and drive to yours for the night. Taillight referres to the red Backlights of a Car, usually seen when everybody leaves the Set.

This is how we do it. How about you?


We are nomadic.
We’re looking for front-end ninjas and backend-tamers, goal-keepers and peoples people.

We would like to work with you to give our customers the best experience they ever had.

That’s me!